Sunday, 31 October 2010

Get your hands off my stuff!

Having children is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I love being a mum. I am so proud of my little boys. I love them to bits. I really do.

But why do they have to always be getting my stuff and wrecking it?!

I don't have a lot of "possessions". Not just for the sake of having possessions. Okay maybe some creature comforts like my Nici cuddly toys on keyrings and of course the essential bits of jewellery. And I'm into bags and purses too. And lipbalms... The main problem I'm having is keeping my kids off my notebooks and pens.

I have a weak spot for Paperblanks notebooks. I just LOVE them especially the ones with a magnetic strip to close them. I have 3 favourites: The islamic Tileworks one called "Bursa", The French Ornate one called "Violet" and the Tribal Embroidery one called "Sequined Garnet". I use them as regular notebooks to jot down ideas, things to do, things to buy, so as you can imagine, mine are basically full of household chores and grocery lists! But they are very useful for keeping track of telephone conversations and telephone numbers, directions and reference numbers all in one place so you don't have to hunt that scrap of paper or the back of an envelope when you most need it. I also find it useful for planning a few days ahead for trips, journeys, packing lists, telephone numbers, address, lists of presents to buy for birthdays and even working out puzzles and problems. I personalise mine by sticking in photos of my family and lots of pages are filled with doodles and experimental art work, sketches and cartoons. The thing I love about Paperblanks notebooks is that there is an envelope-pocket at the back to keep important scraps of paper / receipts, note cards, business cards and I like to have a section for writing down new topics to research in the Holy Qur'an and try to keep track and learn the Surah (Chapter) number and Ayat (verse). Not being a native speaker of Arabic, I find that writing down the phrase you want to learn in a notebook like this, phonetically, can help to commit the foreign words to memory.

I am all for using modern technology, and I have even got a "notepad" that uses handwriting recognition and a sketch pad on my smart phone. But there's nothing quicker and nothing quite like picking up a pen and setting it to paper, in my experience. By the time I've pressed "keypad unlock, applications, notepad, new note", and selected what colour pen and paper, I've already written the message in my trusty Paperblanks notebook, with a trusty old Bic :o)

Here are some Paperblanks notebooks: Blog continues after - scroll down:

So I was wondering how I could keep my beloved notebooks, pens, and other creature comforts out of the way of curious, sticky, meddling fingers!

Well of course, one of the best ways I have found is distraction. Keeping them busy with their own toys and crayons and colouring in books and plenty of paper to be creative, and all the other supervised creative sessions with sticking, cutting and painting etc. But there is always going to be those moments when your back is turned and they are climbing up trying to raid your stash! So the solution?

A safe!

It's the grownup version of a Keyper - you remember the snail from the 80's with a shell that opens with a key and you can keep all your junk secret and safe from your brothers? Well the same principle applies here, but with more space, more security and better peace of mind. They are meant for cash in offices I guess, but look how cute the pink and purple one is sisters! I already have the red one, but I'm gonna get the pink and purple one (because my kids broke the lock on mine....!)

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