Friday, 17 December 2010

Magische Kuchen (5 Minuten Schoko-Kuchen)


1 Ei
4 EL Mehl
4 EL Zucker
bisschen Backpulver
3 EL Milch
3 EL Oel
2 EL Kakao Pulver

Alles zusammen mischen (2 Minuten) und in die Mikrowelle 3 Minuten kochen.


Schmeck gut mit Nutella, oder Schoko-Sosse, oder Pudding

Thursday, 4 November 2010

El Naturalista Shoes

Did you know? I collect El Naturalista shoes.

My first pair of El Naturalista shoes were the Nasca shoes in grey which are perfect because I take a wider fitting than usual, but at the same time as being flat and comfortable, they look feminine due to the Mary Jane bar style. These have a velcro strap and are great for Spring and Summer.

Then Autumn came and it was time to get something warmer so I went for the Nasca Boots.

Then, because I have a dark brown leather handbag, I wanted brown shoes to match, so I got the dark brown Yggdrasil shoes for when the weather warmed up again.

They are so comfortable and this is why:
See how the shoes are constructed
I have problems with my arches but since I got my El Naturalista shoes for outside and Crocs for indoors, my foot health has drastically improved. Though I am dependent on them now! It's like when you start using Sensitive toothpaste innit?

El Naturalista's Values and Philosophy can be read here:
About El Naturalista
and here:
El Naturalista's Ethos
and this is the section for the reviews :
More reviews on El Naturalista footwear

And I love the leather frog that comes in the box and the salamander that is carved into the sole of the shoe. It's a pity that the shoes are so durable because I can't really justify buying any more, even though there are some awesome colours and styles, for example I would love to get some purple Yggdrasils but there is hardly any visible wear on the bottom of mine and I've had them ages!

Big Trak 80's memories resurrected

If you were a child in the 80's then no doubt you will remember this awesome Robot style tank truck vehicle type thing! I could not believe my eyes when I saw that it has been brought back! We had this back in the day when I was about 6 or 7 years old, if I remember correctly. It was about the time we had this weird LED "Turtle Game" and a Beta Max VCR! What else will they bring back? I hope they bring back Keypers too. I soooo want that pink snail and the heart shaped key. And I hope they bring back Yikes Pencils. And Brush-a-loves and Popples and Snugglebums. And the Jackie Annual! Yeah!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Filofax, Twitter, Flylady and my new Cashbox

Sharon from Twitter @sjl1974 who is also a Filofax fan has requested a peek at my Flylady Control Journal. Thanks for your request Sharon. Here are some pics of my Organiser (Pocket Size) with my Flylady Routines. The Weekly Home Blessing and Zone lists are also in there as can be found on

You can find out how to make your own Control Journal or buy one ready made from

Sorry about the scribble on some of the pages - that's one of the reasons I wrote this blog post - Get your hands off my stuff!

I actually got my new lockable "cash box" today. Not for cash - I don't have any! I'm using it for my notebooks and stationery. It became a matter of urgency after this happened yesterday:

Here's the Cash Box with my stuff in it, including the Paperblanks notebooks, Nici Sharpener, Sharpie pens, Faber-Castell double-ended felt tip pens, a Tippex pen, and a limited edition Bic 2 colour pink barrel ball point pen! And my Post-it notes! Can't live without these puppies! If you look closely you might also be able to see my strawberry lip balm and my "Kimmi junior" pencil :o)

And here are my Flylady routines in my organiser:

In the past I would not have posted pictures of my organiser with scribble on. Because I used to be a perfectionist. And I would have ripped those pages out, been resentful and re-done them painstakingly trying to create perfection in my journal. Or I would have given up, being self-defeatist, thinking, "we can't have anything nice in this house, can we?" From learning some of the techniques on the Flylady's site, I have become aware of my perfectionist behaviour and mentality and how destructive it can be to your own self and to your loved ones. Learning to lose the perfectionism has helped me in so many ways. Going with the flow, being more forgiving, not sweating the small stuff, not beating myself up about things having to be done properly, giving myself a break, cutting myself some slack Finally Loving Myself.  Any imperfections I see now remind me that Only our Creator is perfect and All-Powerful, so I've actually stopped trying to be Super-Woman and started to turn imperfections into remembrance and a time to be thankful and grateful to our Provider for all the good things in life. All praise to God, Lord of the Worlds (Holy Qur'an  Chapter 1 verse 2)

Monday, 1 November 2010

Filofax Fanatic

Those of you who know me, know that I have adopted a lot of The Flylady's techniques for getting my home organised. You can make your own Flylady Control Journal or buy a ready made one from the Official Flylady Website here: Flylady Control Journal

I have always had some kind of fascination with Filofaxes. Ever since I was in school, I loved to get an organiser which came with different tabs to sort out your expenses, projects, to do lists and names, addresses and telephone numbers. And there was always a space for the notes and if you were lucky, some different types of notepaper in different colours, some lined and some squared. The squared paper was always the best because you could play that "Boxes game" or battleships or noughts and crosses or draw pentominoes. I loved the ones with either a stud clip or a magnetic strip.

I once bought a huge (not that huge, A5 actually) Filofax but didn't get much use out of it seeing as I was into cute handbags so I couldn't transport it very easily. I got the most use out of a pocket size one. The mini ones are the sweetest and cutest but value for money-wise I would say go with the Pocket Size one, seeing as it is a very decent size for making lists and still very portable for your handbag or coat pocket.

I like to personalise mine with glittery stickers and things that I print out from Cliparts (Remember them?!!) ANd there is usually a clear front cover made from plastic (oooh plastic!) And it makes the front page shiny and you can write all your important personal information on there such as your medical emergency details and insurance policy information etc.

And don't get me started on the accessories that you can get! I have everything - the "today marker", Underground maps, mini atlas, slim calculator, card holders, clear zip wallet. So much in fact that there's hardly any room for much paper. But that's ok cos I have most of my contacts and calendar appointments in my phone... LOL

Secret Sock Stash Squeaking

One of the little delights in life is putting some lovely soft colourful and kawaii cute socks on your freshly washed feet! Cupcakes, watermelons, cherries, sunflowers, daisies, rainbows, ice lollies, hearts, butterflies.... start your day with a squuuuueeeeaaaaakkkkk!

Try slathering some body lotion on your soles first and notice the results!

Khaki Parka

I just found out about this awesome coat which used to be £94.99 and now it's only £44.99 so that's a saving of £50. What I love about modest clothing is that you get so much value per square inch LOL :o) It has got a "grown on hood" Not really sure what that means but it conjures up images of a mouse with a human ear grown on to its back. That freaked me out.

Code: XS01NL706
Product Detail:

* Henleys soft cotton parka style jacket.
* Embroidered branded badges to the front, back, hood and sleeves.
* 100% cotton shell and lining.
* Printed graphic to the back. Grown-on hood with a faux fur lining.
* Zip fastening with a button flap. Inner drawcord waist.
* Four front pockets. Ribbed inner cuffs.

Special Instructions:

* Machine wash at 30 degrees C.
* A great bargain from Henleys
* Great value - great service. Buy now while stock lasts for only 44.99

Underscarves, Buff Headwear

I found a great product called Buff Headwear which I always use for my "underscarf". I think some people call them bonnets or bones but the Buff Headwear does not tie on at the back like some underscarves do; it's basically an elasticated tube which you can bring over your head around your neck and then wear it like a wide headband and it keeps your hair securely out of your face. They are also pretty useful for when you are doing a facial pamper and whilst cooking or baking because your hair is kept away from your face and reduces the risk of stray straggly strands falling into your halal cordon bleu. There are even winter ones now for extra warmth if you are going to be venturing into the harsh elements!

Not only can they be used as underscarves for under your hijab or headscarf, but they can also be worn as a beanie hat, used as a scrunchie, hair band, headband, neckerchief, wristband, balaclava, bandana, scrunchie, pirate cap or saharaine.

In cold conditions, the Original Buff will keep you warm, while in hot conditions, the fabric wicks moisture away and cools you down. The Original Buff is made from a lightweight breathable fabric which is also wind resistant and very comfortable to wear.

The Asfora Tunic Dress comes complete with a tubular underscarf

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Get your hands off my stuff!

Having children is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I love being a mum. I am so proud of my little boys. I love them to bits. I really do.

But why do they have to always be getting my stuff and wrecking it?!

I don't have a lot of "possessions". Not just for the sake of having possessions. Okay maybe some creature comforts like my Nici cuddly toys on keyrings and of course the essential bits of jewellery. And I'm into bags and purses too. And lipbalms... The main problem I'm having is keeping my kids off my notebooks and pens.

I have a weak spot for Paperblanks notebooks. I just LOVE them especially the ones with a magnetic strip to close them. I have 3 favourites: The islamic Tileworks one called "Bursa", The French Ornate one called "Violet" and the Tribal Embroidery one called "Sequined Garnet". I use them as regular notebooks to jot down ideas, things to do, things to buy, so as you can imagine, mine are basically full of household chores and grocery lists! But they are very useful for keeping track of telephone conversations and telephone numbers, directions and reference numbers all in one place so you don't have to hunt that scrap of paper or the back of an envelope when you most need it. I also find it useful for planning a few days ahead for trips, journeys, packing lists, telephone numbers, address, lists of presents to buy for birthdays and even working out puzzles and problems. I personalise mine by sticking in photos of my family and lots of pages are filled with doodles and experimental art work, sketches and cartoons. The thing I love about Paperblanks notebooks is that there is an envelope-pocket at the back to keep important scraps of paper / receipts, note cards, business cards and I like to have a section for writing down new topics to research in the Holy Qur'an and try to keep track and learn the Surah (Chapter) number and Ayat (verse). Not being a native speaker of Arabic, I find that writing down the phrase you want to learn in a notebook like this, phonetically, can help to commit the foreign words to memory.

I am all for using modern technology, and I have even got a "notepad" that uses handwriting recognition and a sketch pad on my smart phone. But there's nothing quicker and nothing quite like picking up a pen and setting it to paper, in my experience. By the time I've pressed "keypad unlock, applications, notepad, new note", and selected what colour pen and paper, I've already written the message in my trusty Paperblanks notebook, with a trusty old Bic :o)

Here are some Paperblanks notebooks: Blog continues after - scroll down:

So I was wondering how I could keep my beloved notebooks, pens, and other creature comforts out of the way of curious, sticky, meddling fingers!

Well of course, one of the best ways I have found is distraction. Keeping them busy with their own toys and crayons and colouring in books and plenty of paper to be creative, and all the other supervised creative sessions with sticking, cutting and painting etc. But there is always going to be those moments when your back is turned and they are climbing up trying to raid your stash! So the solution?

A safe!

It's the grownup version of a Keyper - you remember the snail from the 80's with a shell that opens with a key and you can keep all your junk secret and safe from your brothers? Well the same principle applies here, but with more space, more security and better peace of mind. They are meant for cash in offices I guess, but look how cute the pink and purple one is sisters! I already have the red one, but I'm gonna get the pink and purple one (because my kids broke the lock on mine....!)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Gifts for brothers, fathers, husbands, uncles, sons, the poor

There are events being celebrated every day of the year whether it is a birthday, religious holiday or a national awareness campaign. You name it, no doubt there is a special day for it! Yesterday for example was Pink Hijab Day which was an awareness day for Breast Cancer. You can see mine on my Facebook page So if your loved one could use some new socks, a nasal hair trimmer or some new toiletries, why not gift it to them, whatever the occasion. Better still, why not buy a pack of these socks which have got £7 off, (and it's a 3 pack woo hoo!) which you can then give to a person in need next time you are in the city and you see someone who looks a little shivery from the cold. Why not get a blanket too to donate too as an act of kindness? If you can't afford to buy new, why not see what you have at home that you are not using and see if anyone could make use of it. Give to the poor, the needy, the homeless, the traveller, the sick. And if you don't have any items spare, maybe you could volunteer some of your spare time to help at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Every day is Charity Day :o)

More men's gifts

Random acts of kindness make me smile!

Arabic root letters sad dal qaf

See Holy Qur'an
Chapter 2 verse 271,

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The kind with the thumb hole

I am just in LOVE with this style of fleece or hoody, especially ones where the sleeves are extra long so they are snug over your hands up to your fingers with a special hole for your thumb to stick through! Although it reminds me a little bit of the kid in the classroom with a broken arm (there was always one!) this style is very cosy and provides extra warmth.

Check Checker Checkered Check Mate!

An awesome selection of Checkered Scarves

Munthe Plus Simonsen Scarves

Luxury Scarves

Triangular Scarves from Kudibal

Triangular scarves seem to be all the rage here in Munich. These ones really caught my eye today from

Tunic Dresses

Here are some current Tunic Dresses

High Neck Womenswear

High Neck womenswear

Long Sleeve womenswear

Long sleeve womenswear

Seeing as it is Pink Hijab Day, let's take a look at some pink long sleeved tops:

Bestsellers w/c 24th October 2010

Best Sellers

Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown

Crazy Love by Michael Buble

Iron Man 2 DVD

Inbetweeners series 1-3

White Face Paint

Bananagrams Game