Monday, 1 November 2010

Filofax Fanatic

Those of you who know me, know that I have adopted a lot of The Flylady's techniques for getting my home organised. You can make your own Flylady Control Journal or buy a ready made one from the Official Flylady Website here: Flylady Control Journal

I have always had some kind of fascination with Filofaxes. Ever since I was in school, I loved to get an organiser which came with different tabs to sort out your expenses, projects, to do lists and names, addresses and telephone numbers. And there was always a space for the notes and if you were lucky, some different types of notepaper in different colours, some lined and some squared. The squared paper was always the best because you could play that "Boxes game" or battleships or noughts and crosses or draw pentominoes. I loved the ones with either a stud clip or a magnetic strip.

I once bought a huge (not that huge, A5 actually) Filofax but didn't get much use out of it seeing as I was into cute handbags so I couldn't transport it very easily. I got the most use out of a pocket size one. The mini ones are the sweetest and cutest but value for money-wise I would say go with the Pocket Size one, seeing as it is a very decent size for making lists and still very portable for your handbag or coat pocket.

I like to personalise mine with glittery stickers and things that I print out from Cliparts (Remember them?!!) ANd there is usually a clear front cover made from plastic (oooh plastic!) And it makes the front page shiny and you can write all your important personal information on there such as your medical emergency details and insurance policy information etc.

And don't get me started on the accessories that you can get! I have everything - the "today marker", Underground maps, mini atlas, slim calculator, card holders, clear zip wallet. So much in fact that there's hardly any room for much paper. But that's ok cos I have most of my contacts and calendar appointments in my phone... LOL

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