Thursday, 4 November 2010

El Naturalista Shoes

Did you know? I collect El Naturalista shoes.

My first pair of El Naturalista shoes were the Nasca shoes in grey which are perfect because I take a wider fitting than usual, but at the same time as being flat and comfortable, they look feminine due to the Mary Jane bar style. These have a velcro strap and are great for Spring and Summer.

Then Autumn came and it was time to get something warmer so I went for the Nasca Boots.

Then, because I have a dark brown leather handbag, I wanted brown shoes to match, so I got the dark brown Yggdrasil shoes for when the weather warmed up again.

They are so comfortable and this is why:
See how the shoes are constructed
I have problems with my arches but since I got my El Naturalista shoes for outside and Crocs for indoors, my foot health has drastically improved. Though I am dependent on them now! It's like when you start using Sensitive toothpaste innit?

El Naturalista's Values and Philosophy can be read here:
About El Naturalista
and here:
El Naturalista's Ethos
and this is the section for the reviews :
More reviews on El Naturalista footwear

And I love the leather frog that comes in the box and the salamander that is carved into the sole of the shoe. It's a pity that the shoes are so durable because I can't really justify buying any more, even though there are some awesome colours and styles, for example I would love to get some purple Yggdrasils but there is hardly any visible wear on the bottom of mine and I've had them ages!

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