Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Filofax, Twitter, Flylady and my new Cashbox

Sharon from Twitter @sjl1974 who is also a Filofax fan has requested a peek at my Flylady Control Journal. Thanks for your request Sharon. Here are some pics of my Organiser (Pocket Size) with my Flylady Routines. The Weekly Home Blessing and Zone lists are also in there as can be found on

You can find out how to make your own Control Journal or buy one ready made from

Sorry about the scribble on some of the pages - that's one of the reasons I wrote this blog post - Get your hands off my stuff!

I actually got my new lockable "cash box" today. Not for cash - I don't have any! I'm using it for my notebooks and stationery. It became a matter of urgency after this happened yesterday:

Here's the Cash Box with my stuff in it, including the Paperblanks notebooks, Nici Sharpener, Sharpie pens, Faber-Castell double-ended felt tip pens, a Tippex pen, and a limited edition Bic 2 colour pink barrel ball point pen! And my Post-it notes! Can't live without these puppies! If you look closely you might also be able to see my strawberry lip balm and my "Kimmi junior" pencil :o)

And here are my Flylady routines in my organiser:

In the past I would not have posted pictures of my organiser with scribble on. Because I used to be a perfectionist. And I would have ripped those pages out, been resentful and re-done them painstakingly trying to create perfection in my journal. Or I would have given up, being self-defeatist, thinking, "we can't have anything nice in this house, can we?" From learning some of the techniques on the Flylady's site, I have become aware of my perfectionist behaviour and mentality and how destructive it can be to your own self and to your loved ones. Learning to lose the perfectionism has helped me in so many ways. Going with the flow, being more forgiving, not sweating the small stuff, not beating myself up about things having to be done properly, giving myself a break, cutting myself some slack Finally Loving Myself.  Any imperfections I see now remind me that Only our Creator is perfect and All-Powerful, so I've actually stopped trying to be Super-Woman and started to turn imperfections into remembrance and a time to be thankful and grateful to our Provider for all the good things in life. All praise to God, Lord of the Worlds (Holy Qur'an  Chapter 1 verse 2)

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  1. Thank you! I've been looking for a solution to the control journal for such a long time.

    I'm rescuing my old filofax from the back of the cupboard today!